Events and Food in Asia

We are covering the Asian continent.  We bring you the cultural events and cuisine in various Asian countries. We pair the events with the cuisine in that Continent.

Food in Asia: China

Asian: EggrollsEggrolls are very iconis Asian appetizers

Food in Asia are considered very aromatic and spicy.  Food in China, depending on the region are spicy, medium spicy, and very spicy. The first noodles were born in China. 

What to Serve/Order/Prepare:

o Stir Fry (with chicken, pork, beef,  with vegetables)

o Order from your local Chinese restaurants;

o Have your eatz catered.

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Albania Republic Day

Republic Day was a national holiday in Albania, also known as Anniversary Day, which commemorated the founding of the Communist government on January 11, 1946, until April 15, 1991, when the first Parliament since the fall of the Soviet Union convened. More...
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