Celebrate Diversity through EatZ

Asian vendor peddler in a boatAsian Peddler in a Boat

Why Celebrate through EatZ?

Totally American: Hamburger and Fries
Asian Vendor in a boat peddling vegetablesCray Fish

Celebrating celebrity through global cuisine ("eatZ"), is a great program to start in your organization.  It is a great diversity or "just because" day event.  Eating to match the events is not only fun, but also educational. Imagine celebrating an event to honor your team member, and to serve that team member's cultural cuisine. This site was built with that in mind: to introduce various international cuisine to the members of your team, and for those who have not experienced the international cuisines. Presently, every one knows  about Chinese, Italian, German, Japanese and Thai cuisine. But there are other international cuisines that can be introduced to your group. Enter "Diverse-Eatz". Our role is to assist you, put all those information about various country's and culture's food, to assist you in preparation for your diversity and cultural events.  Get on board!